It is amazing to me what some people search for online. I have been getting a ton of search hits for “How to Swing Wife.” Swinging together can be a key attribute to a healthy relationship. It creates a quite time for you and your wife to talk and enjoy the weather. You can meet new people and even hang out with kids. That’s right…Hang out with kids while swinging on a swing set with your wife. Everybody thought I was talking about being a swinger with your wife. Trying to get your wife to be a swinger is bad for your relationship. Staying committed to your significant other is important for a healthy relationship.

Some people don’t know how to swing fluently and they search online for how-to’s that teach them the steps for something. Swinging with your wife can be relaxing and enjoyable if you know how to swing correctly.

It would be ideal if you could find a swing set that has two open swings side-by-side. You can sit right next to your husband or wife and swing. This allows you to look at each other and even hold hands. There is something special about doing things that you once did as a child as an adult. It makes you and your wife feel like a kid again. Swinging can bring on conversations with your wife that will strengthen your marriage and create an even tighter bond between the two of you.

Let’s get into the logistics of swinging correctly with your husband or wife. Find a swing set in a quite park. Make sure there a two swings side-by-side to aid in making conversation easier and allow the holding of hands if desired.
Swing Set
How to swing properly with your wife or husband:

  1. Sit in the swing.
  2. Walk backwards till you can barely touch the ground.
  3. Lift your feet and begin to swing and lean backwards with your legs straight out in front of you.
  4. Lean forward and move your legs under and towards you as you swing at the highest point.
  5. Hold this position till you are at the highest point in the back swing and then begin to lean back and pump your legs straight out in front of you.
  6. Keep repeating this pumping motion as you swing back and forth.

That is how to swing. You and your significant other can now swing side by side. You can swing slow and talk or you can see who can swing the highest. You could also have a jumping contest if you body is able to see who can land farther out from the swing set. This works well if you and your significant other are competitive. Just be careful so you don’t injure yourself.

Swinging on a swing set can be a nice relaxing activity to get you and your wife or husband to get outside and enjoy the weather. Now you know how to swing with your wife. Remember; be safe while you are swinging with your significant other.