Relationships seem to get strained when life get us. An addition of a baby can take away from your partners time with you. Work can get in the way. Hobbies get put on the back burner. Love just seems like second place.  Anybody ever feel this way?

I do in some instances and It seems like my wife can sense it as well. Our son is the best thing that has happened to us but that si the one thing that seems to make my wife and I on edge with eachother. She may think I am not doing anything around the house and I think I am. Life just gets tough.

Keep adding little things to the piggy bank of love. I DO need to do more around the house. I think that will make her feel more loved and help our relationship out. I also think that we just need to spend more time alone when we can. Drop our sone off at a friends house or our parents houses. go out on a date and agree to not talk about your child.

Does it ever seem like your marriage or relationship is stretched thin? any tips?