For some reason, women like to cuddle. They love to snuggle up on the couch and share a blanket. My wife seems to always need a touch or to be close to me when I am sitting on the couch. I don’t mind it, but sometimes it gets warm or somewhat annoying.

I feel bad when I don’t feel like cuddling sometimes. I enjoy my space and like to relax after work. I realize that this is one of her needs though. I tend to be a warm blooded person who gets really hot extremely fast.

If women need to be close and cuddle, men need to just do it. Make an effort to always make your wife happy. It may drive you nuts, but push through and meet that need. I am sure your wife or girlfriend goes out of her comfort zone to do things for you. Return the favor. Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

  • Set a goal of making an effort to initiate the cuddle once a week without her asking.
  • Grab a blanket and cover her up and ask if you can share the covers.
  • Set the air conditioning higher or turn the heat down.
  • Leave her a note before you leave for work saying that you want her to get her favorite blanket and cuddle when you get home.
  • Rent a movie and eat popcorn together.
  • My wife hates ironing clothes. It turns out that I hate ironing and I do a bad job. It makes me feel extremely loved if she does it for me. This makes my ability to cuddle a little easier because she blesses me with ironing. Marriage is all about blessing each other and making your love grow stronger.

    What do you do to bless your wife/husband? Feel free to leave a comment. I love to hear other techniques! Specifically about cuddling…