I love technology and it is funny how it can help your marriage.  I am not talking about sex toys so get your mind out of the gutter.  I have come to realize that some technology can make  a marriage better.  Here are my technology tips for marriage.

  1. Have multiple computers in the house.  It is so much easier for when you both need to work on school stuff or keep with the latest new story or blog post.  Set aside some time for computer related activities each night or on some sort of schedule.  My wife uses our laptop and I use my desktop downstairs.  It works out great.  We seem happier than if we are each nagging on each other for the computer.
  2. Take pictures of memorable events with a digital camera. I posted earlier about taking cool, untraditional wedding pictures.  These tips can be applied to your everyday life as well.  Take pictures of fun events or funny events.  Photos last a long time in their digital form.  Make sure you back them up because it can be devastating if you have a hard drive fail on your computer.
  3. The electric crock pot. Seriously, this thing rocks in our house.  Throw some meat in it with some potatoes and carrots and you will have a meal with little to no work.  Stress free cooking for the both of us.  Plus your house can smell great if you let it slow cook over night.
  4. New dishwashers rock.  We still have the first one we ever bought but it still is sweet.  We will be buying another one someday.  This takes away the stress of doing the dishes by hand.  I do not think I could ever go with out one again.

There are plenty more ideas for how technology makes the world and marriages go around.  I am sure I will follow up with other posts on the subject.  Feel free to leave comments on how you see technology applying to marriage.