This is one of those funny relationship posts that does not point any fingers at my wife. I will occasionally post funny satire with regards to relationships. These are meant for you to laugh and get engaged in the conversation. Please share your funny stories as well that relate to any of these.

1. “That’s Fine“: Women say this when they are tired of arguing with you. This is the phrase that means you should go do something nice for them before they really tell you what they want.
2. “I am almost ready“: This means that she will be done when she gets done and that you need to stop bugging her.
3. “Oh Nothing“: This is the bad one. She is ready to blow a gasket and rip into you. Do nice things for her ASAP!
4. “Thanks“: She is indeed thanking you. Accept it and move on. Do not question the reasoning for her saying thanks and do not look into the tone of her voice either. Again, accept the thanks and life goes on.
5. “Do I look fat?“: Guys, we all know the answer to this question. This is a trap! Change the topic gracefully, stub your toe to draw attention off the topic, or fake faint and have her come to your aid.

There a many “nonverbal” things women say as well… I hope you enjoyed this list. Feel free to add more in the comments.