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We have some ideas for some fun, untraditional or nontraditional wedding photos.  weddings are fun. Let your personalities fly on the big day. The Wedding pictures are what you can look back on. Here are a few ideas: Take the wedding party to a playground and climb all over the jungle gym. Have everybody jump […]

This is one of those funny relationship posts that does not point any fingers at my wife. I will occasionally post funny satire with regards to relationships. These are meant for you to laugh and get engaged in the conversation. Please share your funny stories as well that relate to any of these. 1. “That’s […]

Healthy competition in a relationship is good for the soul. Couples tend to spend a lot of time with each other and do not interact with other people. Healthy relationships are built with hard work, love, affection, and competition. The Nintendo Wii brings a new element to a gaming console. Flailing arms, jerky movements, and […]


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