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This quote is a keeper. I read it and love it. I need to care for and nourish my wife’s love and it was a great quote that I read at the right time. I hope it speaks volumes to you as it did to me. A man does not own a marriage; he is […]

The great oak tree was once a nut that stood its ground. It’s amazing to me how God puts little things in your life to let you know He’s with you. A couple days ago in my Immunology class, we had a debate about embryonic stem cell research. I was the only person in my […]

We received a pillow for a wedding gift with a really good quote on it. It reads like this: “Marriage is the garden gate. Along the path there will be flowers and weeds. Cherish the flowers and pull the weeds.” We laughed at the gift and contemplated throwing it out. It manages to make it […]


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