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In the quest of finding a life partner, many men and women resort to dating as their source of finding love. However, not everyone’s idea of dating is the same. Singles can be divided into five general dating categories; avoidant, intermittent, casual, serious daters, and dating addicts. Depending on an individuals approach to dating determines […]

Nothing speaks louder to a man than his wife supporting him through think and thin, happy times, and sad times. My wife loves me in a way that nobody else can. She stands behind me when I have to make a decision that affects us as a married couple and as individuals. I think it […]

Our American culture likes to poke fun of the fact that some women let their emotions carry them away, some more often than others. It seems like men are always making jokes to each other about how moody women can get and how they will never be able to fully understand the mind of a […]


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