Guys, Make sure you really emphasize on the manly side of men when it comes to ministering to them.  It seems like men are being feminized in churches today.  Men need manly Ministry.  Go out and shoot some targets with guns. Have a grilling get together.  Go mudding with trucks or four wheelers.

Guys need to spend time with other guys. It opens up our hard, shielded souls to talk about manly issues.  We need to hear how other guys struggle with the same things.  We need to get advice about how to handle an issue at home with the wife or kids.

Have a bible study out in the woods where it is peaceful.  Get out of the house and get away from the bustle of life to talk about manly things.  I love hanging out with my friends.  A cup of coffee to discuss issues fits me just right.

Ask the guys in your group to give you some good suggestions for events to do. this will go along ways to developing a manly fellowship time.  Men need to talk and we tend to keep it all inside.  Hanging out with each other will help kinder this spirit of openness and allow us to talk about things that seem weak for men.

go ahead and try some of these tips and ideas.  I realize that there is no rhyme or reason to this post.  It is something that has been on my mind for quite sometime and I just let it flow.

Please leave some comments on what you think or what you do for Manly Ministry events.