Wow is this a crazy question to ask.  Some people ask newly weds for 2 years if they are expecting yet. Having your first child can be crazy and awesome at the same time. People say that it changes your life. Having kids is a huge responsibility.

We are ready to go down this road to “Kiddom.”  Knowing that both of you are truly ready for the challeneg and commitment is what is important. Having a child will be amazing in an of itself.

The miracle of God’s work is amazing. Hearing your wife say that she can feel the baby is the best feeling in the world. Knowing that there is life inside of her makes you happy.  Some women get really sick in the first trimester. Be ready for that. they can get moody and us guys won’t know what the deal is.  I will be visiting this topic in repeatedly coming up soon.

In the mean time, check these funny “Thinking of Having kids?” lessons. I laughed!