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Tiger Woods has really messed up his life, family, and fans. He spent a lot of time on the road touring with the PGA. His fame got to him and I think he abused that fame. Unfortunately some women are into famous men. Tiger obviously let his guard down and was temped one to many […]

This seems to be an age old question that couples ask themselves… When should we have kids? Men and women tend to think differently when this subject comes up. The roles can be swapped as well. Some relationships can suffer from differing ideals about having children and the timing at which to pursue having kids. […]

Changing jobs or even thinking about it can be hard on relationships. There are a few things that you need to remember while making a life-changing decision like this. Let our story help you in your decision making process. Feel free to comment to give any tips or thoughts. This past week has been a […]


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