Healthy competition in a relationship is good for the soul. Couples tend to spend a lot of time with each other and do not interact with other people. Healthy relationships are built with hard work, love, affection, and competition. The Nintendo Wii brings a new element to a gaming console. Flailing arms, jerky movements, and hard laughter come about when Wii Sports is played with a loved one. Watching your significant other playing a game can be funny and create a fun time together of laughter. I get too carried away when I bowl. I go through the motions and really sling my arm like I would with a real bowling ball. B laughs at me and we have fun. Laughter builds strong relationships.

We bought our Wii when they first came out. It was so much fun to play the free game that came with it. We played every night and we had a riot. I felt like I was twelve years old again. We were competitive and that was OK. Some couples can have problems with too much competition. Being competitive and having fun can turn a cold winter’s night or a rainy day into a fun time with your significant other.

Laughter is the medicine that soothes the soul. I was attracted to B for her fun laugh and sense of humor. Playing the Wii will generate a ton of laughter. We plan on buying some more games when the new Mario Kart and Mario game come out later this year.

We also enjoy having other couples over to play the Wii. We can play team tennis with them and have an awesome time. Some couples will want to buy the gaming console because they had so much fun with their significant other. I feel that video games on the Wii can now include more people than just young kids.Nintendo Wii

An article in the Chicago Tribune talks about Nintendo Wii’s finding themselves in retirement homes:

A lot of grandparents are being taught by their grandkids. But, now, some grandparents are instead teaching their grandkids.

The Wii has become so popular at Sedgebrook that on Sunday afternoon there will be a video game bowling tournament in the lounge. More than 20 residents have signed up to compete.

“We’ll even have a fan for people to dry their hands before they bowl,” said Dierbach, head of Sedgebrook’s entertainment committee.

If the retirees in Lincolnshire are any proof, video games are no longer just kids’ play.

My Grandma played Wii Bowling over Christmas and enjoyed it. She laughed harder than anybody in the room.

This is proof that video games can generate relationships and also strengthen them through a sense of fun and community with both couples, friends, and all ages.