The internet really astonishes me sometimes. I was looking for some suggestions of baby toys for my child. He really likes to be held. I mean, he REALLY likes it. I can lay him down and he will cry like crazy. Needless to say, We needed to make a change and figure out how to keep him busy and break him of his need to be held.

I stumbled onto a site that is about babies. The site in called There were a number of recommendations for toys that they thought worked well for babies.  Even some recommendations for “high maintenance” As this site call them.

I read this post: Tips for a High-Maintenance Baby

Some babies seem born content and the able to entertain themselves.  Others seem they constantly need to be held, walked, played with, and entertained every moment of the day or else they put up a fuss.  Does your baby sound like the latter of the two?  You just may have a high-maintenance baby.

I read the first paragraph and though she had my son. I even contacted the site owner to see if they stole my baby of had a twin.  Anyways, the sugestion about the moby wrap was awesome! I had never heard of such a versatile baby accessory. I have seen the ones that only cradle the baby next to you but it sounds like the moby wrap is pretty configurable and versitile. I may need to pick one up for my wife(oh, and me as long as I have the blinds shut).

I suggest you check the site out if you need ideas. There are some really good product reviews as well. I sure am into my baby so the title of the site is fitting.