Puggat DogsBefore M and I were married, I made it clear to him I wasn’t interested in having children. It’s not that I don’t like kids, but that I don’t like the thought of myself having them. M, on the other hand, loves the idea of having kids someday. He must have had faith in me that my view on being childless would someday change, because he married me anyways. And it wasn’t until a little puggat named Roogy stepped into our lives that my mind started to change…just a little bit.

On M and I’s first anniversary, one month ago, we brought home a new addition to our family. We have talked about getting a puppy for a while, but we never seriously started looking until we one day stumbled across a puppy that made our hearts melt. We fell in love with puggats the first time we were ever introduced to one in a pet store. Puggats are a cross-breed between a pug and a rat terrier, a so-called designer dog. We had never even heard of such a mix before. As soon as I saw the wrinkly face, with a stubby nose, and the curly tail, I was ready to pay the $550 right then and there and bring the littly guy home with us. M too loved the look, but wasn’t ready to drop that much money on an impulse.

Time went by and I started searching for puggats on the internet. By luck, I stumbled across a farm only miles away that had a litter available. I was thrilled! M and I went to look at them when he got off work, and we both fell in love with one curious, fat-bellied puggat. We put money down, and two days later after our anniversary weekend getaway, we picked up our little puggat and headed home with him. Minutes after getting him we named him Roogy, after the ridges on his face. Just take an anatomy class and you’ll understand.

I was a little nervous at first, because I had never had a dog in the house. At first I was totally against it. But it has been surprisingly easier and more fun than I thought. At first I told M there was no way I would let him in the bed. But every morning as M leaves for work, he puts Roogy in bed with me and we nap together. I started breaking some of my own personal rules because it turned out to be so much fun!

Not only did my mind start changing about having a dog in the house, but as I would hold my sleeping puggat, and listen to his breathing, and feel his warm body in my arms, I started imagining what it would be like to hold of baby of my own. And as I watch M play with Roogy and baby talk him, I can see how good of a dad M would be. And now all of a sudden I am starting to think I want a baby too! I’ve even been asking M when he wants to have a baby. That is something I never did before. I’m not saying I want one now, but I actually am starting to warm up to the idea, which is definitely a jump in the right direction.

Getting our puggat was one of the best decisions we’ve made. He is so crazy and fun and cuddly, and best of all he is changing my way of thinking. So someday down the road when M and I decide to have a baby, we will have our Roogy to thank.