B and I drove to an informational meeting at The University of Phoenix. I have been looking heavily at getting my Masters Degree for the last 2 or so years. I looked around locally and there wasn’t too much to choose from. I had been reading and hearing about the University of Phoenix for some time. I also had been getting information from Cappella University. The University of Phoenix is for full time working adults who want to keep working full time and earn a degree at the same time. B and I were really impressed with the U of Phoenix.

I was glad that I brought B with me to see the informational meeting. It really inspired her to want me to go for it. I think she even said when we were walking to the car that she wanted to get her Masters degree just because of the meeting and how the degree is earned. The U of Phoenix pioneered online education even before there was the World Wide Web. I love innovation! It would have been hard to go to that meeting by myself and then come home and try to sell it to B if it was what I wanted to do.

That is a key thing that I have been learning throughout our relationship and our first year of marriage. I need to communicate my feelings and wants and needs to my wife all the time so she can get a feel for me and help me with critical decisions. I love being married! B is so understanding and loving. She puts up with me when I lay in bed and talk myself to sleep about how I can start my own business or how I can be the best business person I can be. I am so driven to aim high and go for it all! She always tells me that she doesn’t work that way or think about business stuff like I do. She puts up with it and encourages me to think and do what I can to make my self a better person.

She totally wants me to get my Master of Business Administration/Technology Management. I am so happy! I am trying to decide when I want to start. I need to pray over that decision to see if it is truly God’s desire for me. We always need to ask God for our direction in life. He has it all mapped out. Step by step, day by day, decision by decision. He gives us the freedom to choose our own path and he knows what we will choose even before we choose it. Please keep my wife and I in your prayers and ask God for guidance for us! He has great things in store for each and every one of us! God bless! Make it a great day!