Tiger Woods has really messed up his life, family, and fans. He spent a lot of time on the road touring with the PGA. His fame got to him and I think he abused that fame. Unfortunately some women are into famous men. Tiger obviously let his guard down and was temped one to many times. He finally gave in and it became easier and easier to cheat on his wife.  I am sure he got addicted to what he was doing. The delicate house of cards he built has come crashing down.

His life could be on the verge of being decimated. His golf career hangs in the limbs as does his sponsorships…etc.  He made the news and that is all every one talks about.

Lets talk about a normal guy. Gets bored with his wife or gets temped at work with a pretty coworker who is single.  He may have drifted away from his family as he worked long hours or traveled a lot for work. He has a moral failure and cheats on his wife with another woman. I can’t imagine how his wife and kids would feel when they found out.

Men need to be true to their wives and familes.  Stay true and solid in your relationship with your wife. don’t let work get between your family and you. Take time off to enjoy your family and kids.  Leave the baggage of work out in the tree in the front yard. Find another man to talk things through. Someone who can hold you accountable.

Don’t have your own Tiger woods Dilemma.