You wife loves it when you help out with household chores. She would be totally surprised if you did some things for her that she never would suspect you to do. Your relationship would be healthier and the two of you would be extremely happy with each other. The neat thing about this is that she will do nice things for you as well. Blessing her will help her to bless you.

Relationships are give and take and a lot of men take all they can get. We can drain our wives of their emotions and life if you do not give back and love them with good deeds around the house. You will be amazed at how much your wife will love you back when you do nice things for her.

I must add a disclaimer that you shouldn’t do anything on this list that you can’t do without breaking or wrecking something. I understand that it is the thought that counts, but do not ruin her favorite pair of jeans because you washed them with a brand new red shirt.

Help her wash the dishes.

Here are a few things you could do to bless your wife:

  1. Hand wash the dishes.
  2. Clean the bathroom without her knowing you did.
  3. Wash all the laminate and hardwood floors by hand with a bucket of water and a rag.
  4. Make the bed for her while she is in the shower getting ready for work or just the day.
  5. Water the garden/flowers for her before she gets out of bed.
  6. Leave her a note on the bathroom mirror that she deserves a back rub when you get home. It will make her happy all day.
  7. Wash the laundry for her instead of having her do it. Please sort the whites and colors though.
  8. Vacuum the whole house as if your life depended on it. Vacuum everywhere that the vacuum and hose can reach.
  9. Make her a nice little lunch for her to take to work. Slip a few chocolates in there also.
  10. Tell her that you want to have a picnic with her.
  11. The final thought for this short list is to ask your wife what she would like you to do for her. You may find out some things that will bless her and it will make your relationship healthier.

This is not a whole and complete list. There are so many things that we can do for our wife that will make your relationship healthier and that will keep the relationship going strong.

Please feel free to add some more ideas in the comments. I am interested in why the readers have to say. Tell us about the little things you do for your wife that make your relationship strong and more fun.