We are going on our first road trip together as a married couple. We are heading to Kansas to hang out with a great friend of mine. He bought a house this last spring down there because he is teaching at a school. I know B likes road trips and I know I really like them so it should be a blast.

I love to drive in a car for long trips. It gives me time to think and talk. The drive will be at night so traffic won’t be too bad and we can talk. We may even come up with the next “Million Dollar Idea.” Wouldn’t that be nice? Our relationship should get strong on a trip like this. We are confined to a fixed space for a long drive. We can talk about work, friends, and each other.
This time together will allow us to talk about what ever comes to mind. It is a time for reflection for time gone by and to talk about what has affected us over the last so many weeks.

I know some couples have a hard time making time to talk. Taking road trips should help with that because you can only listen to the radio so many hours and you can only stare at the road for so long without talking to ease tension. Play road games with each other. Time seems to fly for me when I talk and drive. I, of course, focus on the road and my surroundings.

If you find it hard to make time to talk at home, go for a drive or a road trip. Things are bound to pop up or come to your attention while driving and give you something to talk about. It may be a funny bumper sticker or a funny looking driver. You never know what will spur a good conversation with your significant other.

I will post here when we get back. I will talk about the trip it self and how it went. Be looking for “Our First Long Road Trip: Part Two.” As always, make it a great day.