After almost two years of growing my hair out, I went and made a drastic change. I was completely happy with having long hair. It had actually gone past my shoulders, which was the longest it has ever been in my life. I liked it. Something about being a girl with long hair makes you feel beautiful, at least the few times that I would actually wear it down. But even though I was feeling fine, I still managed to get talked into cutting my years of patient growth, and boy am I glad! So for those women out there who are obsessed with your hair and think you could never part with it, this is the story for you!

M and I were over at my parents a few days ago, and my sister came walking in the door and plopped a magazine down in front of me. It was called “Short Cuts.” She happened to come across it at work and thought of me, being that she years before had talked me into my first very short cut. I started flipping through the pages and finding so many cute and fun cuts that I liked, and I actually started entertaining the thought of trading in my long locks for something short and spunky.

Even though I loved the thought of having short hair again, I wasn’t ready to make the change…until M gave me his opinion. He wanted me to go for it. He said he had recently been looking through some old pictures of me when we were first dating and I had short hair, and he really liked it. But he made it clear that I could do whatever I wanted. That pushed me over the top. I was ready to get it cut. We took the magazine home and flipped through it together, each pointing out styles that we liked. I finally decided on one that we both were happy with, and two days after my sister gave me the magazine, I made my appointment.

I was nervous! I had never been so nervous about getting a haircut before, and I’ve had it hacked short. But this was different. I had the longest hair of my life, and was actually having fun with it. Was I going to regret cutting it? Is M really going to like it? Despite my fears, I let the hairstylist begin the process. I gave her a picture of what I wanted and just went with it. After the first cut with the razor, I knew it was over, but I was now starting to feel more excited than anything. When she had my hair cut to chin length, before she even styled it, I told her “I don’t know why I waited so long.” I loved it before she was even done. So of course when she made the finishing touches, I was ready to run a mile I was so happy. And of course it helped when a group of workers commented on how cute it looked on me.

Obviously I instantly liked it. But what did M think? I came into the house and I could tell right away that he liked it a lot. He said something to the effect that he was married to a different woman. I took that as a compliment of course. His reaction made it so worth getting a new look. I feel so much better. I think I look skinner. My face is a focal point rather than getting lost behind a mess of boring, straight, long hair. Now its short and fun, and it moves with me. It fits my personality more than long hair. And M has told me I am beautiful even more than usual, which is a lot! You’ve got to love the attention!

So go get a haircut! Find something that fits your face and personality, and go to a salon that knows what they are doing. You pay for what you get. And trust me, it will be so worth it! Your man will think so too!