Some people think that going to school while you are married is tough on your relationship. It seems like it has almost made ours better! Granted, it has been less than a week. B thinks it’s cute that I am her little school boy. She is equally excited that I am getting my Master’s Degree. She is really into letting me spend time online doing my homework. B also thinks it is cool how the online learning process works. It is a lot of work and a person definitely has to be on track and not slack off.

I had to read a Work-Life Problem solving matrix for one of my assigned readings and it really hit home. It was about a woman and a man who were engaged. She took a job in Boston for her Doctoral residency and he found a job out there also. They had all sorts of dislikes and likes about stuff out there and what they would decide on. It ranged form where they would live in relation to their jobs to where they would store their horses. I was reading it and totally enjoyed it! I found myself putting mine and B’s name in there as I read. It made me realize that we would have to make some decisions like this someday.

B finishes school next spring with a degree in Biomedical Science and then she is going to look for a job. I will finish my graduate program in early 2008. We don’t have any kids yet and we only have a puggat name Roogy. Roogy is easy going though! We will have some decisions to make when I am done with school and even when she is done with school. B also took on the joy of doing children’s ministry at our church part time until she is done with school. I just started to get more involved in running men’s ministry. Life seems so busy right now, but we know God has it all under control.

I am sure my posting here on BrauchTalk will slow down a bit due to the fact that I will be so busy with life. I know that God will guide us in what we decide to do with the direction he has given us. I hope to have a few posts up here soon that has to do with school and our new car and a few other things. B starts up school here in two days again. Life is busy but good! Enjoy Labor Day! God Bless!