There are some things that women want to hear. I know a few things that my wife wants to hear from me and I think they can be pretty universal for all women. I guess these will pertain to married couples but I am sure that some of them can cross over to the dating life. Relationships benefit greatly when the right things are said to one another.

B wants to hear me say “I love you.” I think all women in a serious relationship need and want to hear this often. I know it is very important to say it in marriage. Don’t just say it once a day because you feel you need to say it. That will water the phrase down and make it less meaningful. Love is a key word in marriage and in serious relationships. It is nothing to play around with. Men, you have to mean it every time and want to say it. You may need to do some serious soul searching and reflection if you don’t feel like saying it to your wife.

B likes it when I serenade her with a song. This is a funny want that maybe only B wants to hear. She loves it when I make up a song about her or about us that I make up as I go. We laugh and giggle throughout the song. I may take the tune of Amazing Grace and run with that beat and let the thoughts and words flow. We love to have fun together and I feel that is the key. Try it sometime. Make up a funny love song and drop it on your wife when she is least expecting it. I used to do it a lot and I know she misses it and I will do it again.

I like to call B my Wife. When I introduce her, I say “This is my wife, B.” Most of you reading this are saying “Well duh…” right now. This isn’t my point. I know B would love to have me say it like this, “This is my bride, B.” It sounds so neat and elegant. I like to call her “My beautiful babe!” Women need to be reassured that you are still crazy for them even if you don’t always show it out on your sleeves. Men tend to hold emotion inside and protect it. Women wear it on there sleeves, necks, shoes, and so on. They live and breathe emotions. I am going to try and start saying “This is my bride B.” You could add the words wonderful, beautiful, awesome, loving …etc in the phrase. Men that aren’t married could replace the word bride with girlfriend. Introducing your wife/significant other to somebody like this will make her feel loved and know that you truly believe in what you say.

Women want to hear a simple phrase of “thank you.” Your wife does a lot around the house and she needs to feel like it is all good and that it means something to you. I love it when B irons my shirts. It means a lot to me. She does a great job! I always try and say thank you to her. Saying thank you tells your wife that you appreciate them and care for them. B does so much around the house and it makes me feel so good. Why wouldn’t I want to make her feel good by thanking her? I think men also need to help their wives with chores around the house. I will save that for another post on another day. Bless you wife often and you will find that she will want to bless you back. The blessings become circular it will grow your relationship.

The bottom line is that communication is the key to a strong relationship! Ask your wife what she needs to hear more often from you. Tell her what you need to hear more often from her. Communication is a two-way street. You will find that your love will grow for each other as you both do and say little things that mean the world to each other. What things does your wife want to hear from you? Share them in the comments so we all can learn and get ideas.