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In the quest of finding a life partner, many men and women resort to dating as their source of finding love. However, not everyone’s idea of dating is the same. Singles can be divided into five general dating categories; avoidant, intermittent, casual, serious daters, and dating addicts. Depending on an individuals approach to dating determines […]

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions; It seemed that people who made them were almost always just talk. But after stepping on the scale yesterday morning, I have quickly changed my mind about resolutions! I was so shocked to see that “138.2” pop up on the scale that I had to weigh […]

Let’s face it, trying to train any kind of dog can be a challenge. And puggats are no different. They come with challenges of their own. But after having our puggat for four months, we are pleased to look back and see how much he has progressed. You may think your puggat has a stubborn […]


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