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Wow is this a crazy question to ask.  Some people ask newly weds for 2 years if they are expecting yet. Having your first child can be crazy and awesome at the same time. People say that it changes your life. Having kids is a huge responsibility. We are ready to go down this road […]

Seems like it has been for ever since I posted here.  B and I have had a busy summer.  We both have new jobs that we love.  It seems that we do not have the time to post here like we should.  We do plan to get back to it. I really have a lot […]

B and I have thought long and hard about our use of the rebate check. The government wants us to use it to stimulate the economy by spending it. B wants a big screen TV in the worst way. Between you and me…I want one as well. I just don’t show it. We plan on […]


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