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This is one of those funny relationship posts that does not point any fingers at my wife. I will occasionally post funny satire with regards to relationships. These are meant for you to laugh and get engaged in the conversation. Please share your funny stories as well that relate to any of these.

1. “That’s Fine“: Women say this when they are tired of arguing with you. This is the phrase that means you should go do something nice for them before they really tell you what they want.
2. “I am almost ready“: This means that she will be done when she gets done and that you need to stop bugging her.
3. “Oh Nothing“: This is the bad one. She is ready to blow a gasket and rip into you. Do nice things for her ASAP!
4. “Thanks“: She is indeed thanking you. Accept it and move on. Do not question the reasoning for her saying thanks and do not look into the tone of her voice either. Again, accept the thanks and life goes on.
5. “Do I look fat?“: Guys, we all know the answer to this question. This is a trap! Change the topic gracefully, stub your toe to draw attention off the topic, or fake faint and have her come to your aid.

There a many “nonverbal” things women say as well… I hope you enjoyed this list. Feel free to add more in the comments.

SecretsHaving open and honest communication with your spouse is essential to a healthy relationship. This was drilled into M and I during our pre-marital counseling, as well as the marriage classes we have attended at our church during our 2 and 1/2 years of marriage. Like many of you, we feel we have a strong, communicating relationship and can talk to each other about anything…or just about anything. Even though I fully trust M with anything, there was one deep, dark secret that I was too ashamed and hurt to tell him about. Are there some secrets that are just too taboo to tell your spouse? Do you risk throwing your whole relationship away when you dig up trash from the past? In the following post, I will tell you about how my deepest, darkest secret resurfaced itself and how my husband reacted. If there is something you are struggling to share with your spouse, read on. Continue reading ‘Sharing Your Deepest Secrets with Your Spouse’

Christmas GiftsIt seems like the holidays can really stress a marriage. It is hard to buy gifts for women. I always think “What do women want for Christmas?” I love Christmas. I love it for the real reason. Jesus was born in a manger, a Savior was born. Sadly, Christmas has lost the real meaning for a lot of people. It is all about the perfect gift, the hot item that every kid wants, and the new tech toy for every guy…etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love buying gifts just like the next person, but please try and remember the true meaning of Christmas. Ok, I am off that soap box.

It is hard for me to think of gifts for my wife when I am on my own. I have a few tips that may help the man out there who is pulling his hair trying to buy his a wife, girlfriend, or significant other a gift/gifts.

Layout the ground rules

Talk about what the plan is for Christmas. When are you celebrating? When can you get away and buys the gifts? Some couples have to have Christmas at multiple residences on different days. Know when those dates are so you can plan your own Christmas accordingly. Knowing when you can get away is important. My wife and I tried to go Christmas shopping for each other together. It was both exciting and dumb at the same time. We had to plan out routes and call each other when we were running to the car to put something in it. It helps to know when you can have some time alone and take your time to look for those perfect gifts or gift. Men, send your wife to get a massage or pedicure so you can go shopping. Women, tell your husband to plan a night with the guys.

It is also important to know when the house will be empty so you can wrap your gifts. Laying the ground rules for Christmas shopping is an important step.

Set spending limits

This is especially true for a married couple or dating couples. This limit will “keep the playing field level.” There is nothing worse than buying the gift you think would be perfect for your wife and she buys you something REALLY nice that is worth way more that what you got her. This works both ways as well. The value of the gift shouldn’t matter, but it does make the person who bought the lesser valued gift feel badly sometimes. At least it makes me feel bad and that I failed.
The limit will make buying the gifts exciting and fun. Some people take this limit setting route and then go buy one gift for the value of the limit. This can be a perfect choice! I like to take it the other way and get awesome gifts that fill the area under the tree. It was like a game for me. I had my list, which we will get to next, and I went out looking for the most items for the spending limit. It was like a contest the closer I got without going over was the winner. “The Price is Right” style…right?

We even set limits on our stockings as well. Give setting spending limits a try for this Christmas or the next. It makes life easier for both the man and the woman.

Give each other ideas and a list.

I don’t think I would do as well if B and I did not make lists for each other. The list is like a guide that will help jar your memory and get the creative juices flowing. Make you list have all kinds if choice on it with all kinds of dollar values. It is also good to put high valued items on there that are above and beyond the spending limit. This gives you ideas to buy accessories or things within that area of the high priced item. For example, B put a shotgun on her list. A shotgun costs way more than our limits is. It may have given me ideas that she may want to start hunting again or shooting clay pigeons. It may get ideas to buy her shooting glasses, a blaze orange pheasant vest, …etc.
The real benefit to adding all sorts of items to the list is that it gives your husband or wife ideas for other occasions. Anniversaries, milestone gifts like graduations…etc.

The main take away is that this list will help your loved one decide on ideas and gifts for you. You may not get anything off your list. Make gift buying easy on your significant other.


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