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When trying to make a decision on whether to get a puggat or not, M and I soon found that there is very little information about the breed out there. Now that we’ve had our puggat, Roogy, for over two months, we have really seen his personality come alive and learned some things about puggats […]

Some people think that going to school while you are married is tough on your relationship. It seems like it has almost made ours better! Granted, it has been less than a week. B thinks it’s cute that I am her little school boy. She is equally excited that I am getting my Master’s Degree. […]

It seems that when you first start dating someone, everyone has their own opinion about your significant other and they are more than willing to share it with you, whether it is welcomed or not. Depending on your situation, you really need to carefully weigh out what the important people in your life are seeing […]


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