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Marriage can definitely be a good thing, but it requires time and effort from both sides to make it the best it can be. However, many times couples stop doing the small, caring things they used to do while they are dating. In many cases, this puts a marriage on the road for destruction. If […]

This how-to is for all the men out there. Some women might enjoy it also. Healthy relationships in marriages are extremely important. Men and women are wired differently and they have different needs. B and I had to read a book in our marriage counseling sessions and it was called His Needs, Her Needs by […]

It’s tough enough being a college student, but trying to find a balance between homework, working a part-time job, and having time for your spouse is even harder. It feels that the older I get, the more stretched out I feel. I’ve got a finger in everything that’s going on around me, and trying to […]


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