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M and I recently celebrated our one year anniversary in July. Before the big day came, we discussed what we were going to do for one another as far as gifts. I was pretty nervous about trying to find a suitable gift for M. A one year anniversary is a big thing, and I wanted […]

It’s great being a newlywed. Even though M and I have been married just a little over a year, I still enjoy spending every spare minute with him, and I feel kind of lost when he is gone. Last night was a good example of this. M left right when he got off work to […]

I recently received an email from a lady I work with at the church that had me stunned. Here is what it said: “Hey B, How are you doing? Are we back to the rotating schedule for CC? I am planning for this week. So are you pregnant?” I had to read it twice. Why […]


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